Zohreh Ghaffari

Zohreh Ghaffari

Postdoctoral researcher

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, IAC


I’m employed at IAC to work on various activities related to the surveys “SHARKS: Southern H-ATLAS Regions Survey”. My task is to prepare a specific reduction with the purpose of investigating the Low Surface Brightness in Near Infra-Red (NIR) for the first time. Developing such a pipeline at IAC was a milestone in terms of advanced state of art techniques we used. In order to increase the depth of data reduction and recover faint sources and light, especially in NIR, many experts in our team spent a huge amount of time making this reduction special. A promise for future expansion of the knowledge for other big surveys. The pipeline is finished and now we are in the phase to reduce 300 deg^2 in the following year.

I was working on LARGE SCALE STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE during my PhD: This includes studies of the structure and properties of clusters and groups of galaxies, galaxy evolution through observations of galaxies at intermediate and high redshifts, cosmology in general, the structure of the universe as a whole, cosmological parameters and the extra-galactic distance scale. In particular, I investigate galaxy clustering around powerful radio galaxies (which serve as cosmic mass beacons). These regions are mapped with the Hubble and SPITZER Space Telescopes (HST, SST) and from the ground with the 6.5-m Magellan Telescope and the 4.3-m Lowell Discovery Telescope.

About Me: My favourite hobbies are painting and music: to draw human portraits and gestures and to play Setar (Iranian instrument).


  • Astrophysics
  • Galaxy Clusters
  • Cosmology
  • Galaxy evolution
  • Image reduction
  • Pipeline
  • Low Surface Brightness


  • PhD in Astrophysics, 2016-2020

    Ruhr-universitaet Bochum

  • M.Sc in Physics, 2008-2011

    Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)

  • BSc in Physics, 2003-2007

    Shiraz University


INT, La Palma, Spain

Responsible for observing plans and telescope operator for 3 nights

Las Campanas Observatory, La Serena, Chile

3 observing nights with the Magellan 6.5 m Telescope

4-m Discovery Channel Telescope, Lowell Observatory, USA

Continued …

Bochum Observatory, Cerro Armazones, Chile

Responsible for observing plans and telescope operator for 3 optical and 1 near-infrared telescope of the Bochum observatory.

Publications and preprints

Clustering of red and blue galaxies around high-redshift 3C radio sources as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope

Accepted A&A, (Jun. 2021)

Galaxy overdensities around 3C radio galaxies and quasarsat 1<z<2.5 revealed by Spitzer3.6/4.5μm and Pan-STARRS

Astronomische Nachrichten, Accepted: 21 August 2017